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Thursday, February 10, 2011

issues February 2011

There is no argument with an audience over 30 that education must have positive outcome year after year. children should be introduced to proper study habits and patterns early, helping a child to determine his or her strong skills is important in igniting independence traits also mastery of basic fundamentals increases reading and math proficiency. observing children that are loud and hard to control versus loud and informative, willing to learn. during a recent supermarket visit my son at 4 years old was very excited everything he said was loud enough for me to remind him after every sentence to "stop yelling", "but dad i want to help you" was his reply which made me laugh over and over again, we were in the store an hour and a half, my interest was focused on how well his descriptions and memory from earlier "conversations" we had at home, my son was reminding me about the, cocoa pebbles, not only buying chicken and not needing ice cream because it is so cold outside, he could very easily be the loud, shelf grabbing, back talker. i make many honest attempts to avoid hypocrisy but temptation is everywhere, sometimes the bigger man is the bigger fool, i challenge myself to be decent hoping my little bit of good does something big down the road. i know i am in this fight alone and it feels i cannot win, i will die trying.
personally the numbers do not bother me, the repair that the school districts around the country need is criminal, let us pretend that the majority of children and young adults want to learn, then we are cheating them out of something they cannot provide for themselves. the American greed has truly funneled into the core of humanity with no remorse. the children that succeed in this defunct system might hold it against us. my biggest argument lies with television, how is entertainment, something with a stranglehold on American culture, able to erase censorship and education cant compete, these kids don't stand a chance. when i was young i only thought i knew everything nowadays confirmation is a smart phone away and who doesn't have a smart phone. kids are realizing much earlier than we did that they don't need parents especially when graduation has not prepared them for what their parents have been trying to hide from them for 10 years. education needs to be retooled to provide students with business and technical skills, not busy work that makes parents look stupid too.  the public school system receives a lot of tax payer money so now you get some tax payer talk.  there is no science involved here, teachers buck up and do the best job you can, complain at the teacher of the year conference, administration needs to remember the big kids driving the cars ain't students so have some respect or ill reincarnate Uncle Buck.

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