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Monday, February 28, 2011

more words yall

Before i knew how smart i was the only thing about politics that bothered me was voting, working class people spit on one another daily, what type of thinking allows an individual to believe his or her vote will be valued and represented properly. Earlier civilizations experienced corruptions and rebellions, today we are smarter with amazing technology and we continue to struggle with the basics. Tax dollars should be the infrastructure of a sturdy and reliable Government that has a clear objective. Holding a group of people responsible for selecting suitable representatives to lead them is the backwards way of running a country.  We do not select the people who "teach" the people we put in power, smart people choose them us. What is most frustrating is there are  zero answers and constant bickering. This is not supposed to be an attempt for everyone to agree but we have tried so many times in the past we should have narrowed down what might actually work in getting some positive growth. Sometime between 02 and 04 i was driving when a motorcycle officer bull horned me to put my seat belt on, something i am clearly against, mandatory seat belts, as i passed the officer i waited for him to instruct the group of youths to pull their pants up, we had all been waiting at the same intersection yet he said nothing to the bad dressers. The seat belt law is in effect, taxpayers have been paying fines for this cause when the big issues have "been on the table" for years, with kids finishing and beginning high school i have real concerns especially when all i hear is debating about what group i need to support.  When politicians behave in the best interest of the people, we will overcome.

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