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Saturday, May 3, 2014

stats stats and more stats!

I try not to miss Real Time with Bill Maher, it is enlightening and comedic for those who might not know. I do like smart people and although I value education, formal education does have it's setbacks. Tonight's Real Time (with Ziggy Marley) had a good panel, there was a young lady that kept placing value on statistic's. Statistic's are for sports. Social and political stats cannot accurately represent any cause, mainly due to incomplete data. A good example of this is unemployment, we know a lot of people are unemployed, unfortunately there is no number that can correctly represent how many. Statistic's can determine how many wage earners have been laid off and rehired but what about homeless and vagabonds. this is an issue that matters, the drug war (including marijuana) is not a stat based issue. The majority of drugs, legal and illegal are bad, there is no debate required, using without understanding is reckless. The 70's have been over for some time, it is necessary to educate, and control any substance that enhances the mind.

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