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Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Yes, real estate!

an investors market for sure, trying to convince buyers to buy has gotten old. besides the least honest have mastered the tactic. my weapon is knowledge and keeping in tune with the trends is O so exciting. fortunate to be in Las Vegas NV, it is easy to identify the hot spots. 2010 bought about new construction as land developers continued to nit pick parcels throughout the valley and though construction never stopped it was easy to see what areas would become popular with investors. it is simple to sell something that looks good but really delivering satisfaction is a talent. beltway construction and highway access continue to burden this wonderful city but there are areas outside of green valley that deserve recognition. that is where the market trend has shifted, investors are purchasing in areas that are appealing and economical, many taxpayers have to take into consideration, gas, shopping, commute even entertainment before deciding on where to reside and renting is very resourceful. 3 years ago i was knee deep in foreclosures, still i am amazed that so many could be losing their house but buyers are evolving. the information is there so i believe a similar situation will never be upon us. i am here and very able to assist in residential rentals and purchases and yes i am in business to get rich but i am focused on making you rich too!

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