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Thursday, January 21, 2010

a real conversation

so much about life is mysterious and i used to have so many questions, now what i know seems so clear it is puzzling how anyone could disagree, i say the earth is big and it is, even compared to the sun the earth as humans are concerned is big, the earth provides everything we need to survive not even science can explain some phenomenon, we use calendars and measure time based on the rotation of the earth, seasons come and go, mother nature is truly in command. what humans create is destructive from preservatives in food to atomic energy what we rely on for enjoyment and comfort causes more harm than good, i am not concerned with living longer just living better because what else is there, answer that. what is it that we are here for, how are we here? i have the answer to 1 - what we are here for is achievement, every man and every woman has life, that is each and everyone of ours gift "LIFE" we are here for a period of time and that is all we know so why really make it difficult or bad. i really wanted to understand mankind but it just boils down to power and greed sorry folks but that's the truth. civilizations created countries and differences but before that was it just cavemen running around uncivilized, the only reason worth accepting that as truth is it gives us the excuse to be uncivilized today. war, poverty and corruption are not civil in fact with what we know about human behavior should make us more understanding when people are messed up, instead we have over populated jails, unexplainable expenses, traffic - why is there traffic and don't dismiss it, those are our tax dollars at work so why don't the roads work for us, the department of transportation knows very well the roads have to accommodate many different drivers in different weather and in the case of an emergency so why ( i will be nice and say 10 years ago ) didn't they start taking this into consideration and i better not hear funding because just in case some don't know money is man made, they ( i don't know who they is, i can guess ) have already made it clear that value can be  given or taken for no reason at all, i understand social classification and status as i am sure many of you all do, why is it ok for some people to have nothing and who is supposed to do something about it, every problem we face as a society has a fix - as for traffic it is messed up because they don't care - road improvements are always years behind - construction projects are scheduled at ridiculous times which is dangerous to workers and drivers increasing accidents, injuries and traffic tickets, they think we are stupid but i'm not stupid i am very observant and concerned because people are fed up, who puts 70 year old crossing guards at street light intersections and why are the cops camped out behind the CVS... because they know that asshole is out there and he or she is gonna cut through the 7-11 parking lot or maybe just make that right after the kids pass and not wait for permission, yeah and don't forget the seatbelt, what a bunch of clowns. why really can honda make a car go 150. it is disturbing that money is taken away from education, if anything is preserved it should be education, you want to save a tree and an eagle when you have bark for skin and feathers hanging out of your ass we can talk, the kids get the dollars for now, so many people wonder why hollywood has a voice its because entertainers aint starving, what they do with there money is there business how they earn that money is the mystery. a real fireman can do okay but if you act like one on TV, the skies the limit. what is the logic in religion this goes far beyond atheism because i can convince myself there is a higher power but why... faith is fantasy, yeah it would be great that if my real life was rewarded in the afterlife but why on earth does that make sense, what makes sense is understanding where we are and how we are here, i know pain hurts, being hungry hurts faith has never fixed anything but if you want to believe that your faith gave you the strength to get up in the morning or delivered you somewhere safely that's fine just not realistic. what is real is war and death  and the billions that have died for their chosen leader, cancer is real, there's a war the government could spend trillions on instead research is slowed because there is not enough money to support the scientist who have been working on a cure for 50 years. the government is still pushing pharmaceuticals, alcohol, cigarettes still lobbying for weed as the world gets high. i sometimes apologize when i go on & on, my outlook is oblong, this life is precious and we need to strive for more positive results and not just expect our leaders do a great job demand that they do.  

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


there are obviously to many media positions, get off the guy already so he likes sex a lot of us do, i'm hearing sex addiction what is that! sounds like what a rapist might have, not a guy with tons of money and fame i'm sure a lot of females think he's hot, i'm sure they just fall over with legs up, trust me its hard to refuse, the guy was a golfer i'm sure with tons of time on his hands to say the least. so who is to blame ill start with the chick even if she needed convincing why on earth would she think he wouldn't be lying, then again there is always the part of the story we will never know. what baffles me is why is 1 guys sex so important - bill - bill - kobe - really lets let the wives care there are so many important issues overlooked because of all this stupid media that appeals to the small brains... i am going to cut this short just keep the crap off of sportscenter!

America 1st

I have had it with this Haiti crap, yea it sucks i don't want to come off nonhuman but can we get serious about fixing the broken America first. This country should have learned from New Orleans that not only does aid get misused but Haiti has been 3rd world since forever, now every other commercial is about sending money to help, what about our problems we have homeless, so many people still losing there homes and families it seems unreal. So on top of our local nightmare you want me to care about another nation of people. I feel fortunate that i am American but only because it is possible to live the dream, it is not easy. It is sickening that the organizations designed to aid need blue collar support - non profit ( that has to be the biggest scam ) those guys are laughing on the way to the bank and inside why not they own it, they own everything and still squeezing the pulp from us expendable pawns. War & depression is enough really it is, when can we expect something positive and i'm not speaking global. The people you voters put in office don't respect the rights this country was founded on, corporate America is so corrupted and powerful they have no rules and no policing authority still we must follow and why because the country is split in more ways than 1. I am 1 voice and sometimes that is all it takes but not today, today there needs to be changes made and waiting for the appointed leaders to help is outdated. The national dept is man made that means it can be and should have already been fixed if you elephants and jackasses can't do it i suggest resigning or night school and America wake up life was not designed for you to sleepwalk through it, we are not helpless just not helped.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010


hello all and welcome, the playoffs have been exciting but lets focus on the eliminated cowboys, so i heard the word disrespected in regards to the vikings scoring late, um hello its the playoffs there is no holding back so stop with the big words. play the game win or lose and try not to get embarrassed on national tv, even regular season games stop the crying if you cant stop the offense use that extra energy you have there to motivate your mates next game / next season, whatever. i wont get into my own personal philosophy... yes i will, play to win score when you can, make sure the participants determine the games outcome. we are a society of winners anyone tries to tell you different is wrong, now there are good and bad winners, cheaters and quitters, they all matter because they all play a role, as fans we should be able to enjoy competitive play and move on, maybe an autograph or photo if you like that sorta thing but the media circus has turned professional sports into reality tv soap opera's, even sports center is hard to swallow and not because skip bayless. did i mention i'm funny too? winners, like i was saying competitive competition starts early for the few that travel the ranks and make it pro it is expected for them to give 100% all the time, from coaches, teammates, family, friends, fans etc... athletes know give half get hurt not to mention which guy is supposed to ease up, the whole team no i didn't think so either. i'm a raider (just a fan) and tampa hurt new england hurt, if you cowboys want to complain about something ask that jones guy why he built that way to big of a stadium for more people to be able to watch you get destroyed in, just a thought trust me i have plenty of them, lets see where this gets me see you all soon.