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Tuesday, April 29, 2014


Before we get into strategies and schemes, let’s get something straight. Football loyalists have a team, my team is the Raiders (of course) no matter how bad they are or have been and I despise the patriot organization. It is a fact growing up in the 80’s brought a different perspective of the game and with all the changes and health concerns football will never lose its appeal. Money has changed the game whether its lawsuits, merchandising or free agency the business side of the game has deteriorated the pure competitiveness. Still the 11 on 11 contest that takes place between the lines is spectacular and yes today all games should be in domes! As a player that never peaked I can say I do feel cheated, just like the tuck rule game. Football is a fraternity of men where locker rooms should be off limits and players should be beyond reproach within its confines. Straight or not professional athletes are of a special brand, they are not actors, expecting them to behave is absurd. Off the field yes there are rules that pertain to everyone but we all know cash is king, it was decided a long time ago that big dollars should be paid to those that entertain us “average” folks, so complaining and setting examples of the fortunate few is another American tragedy. Every sports league is plagued with a corporate model and though organization is very necessary, sport leagues are not organized. So much money and too much business has infiltrated these games kids can play and with that said, I know it can never again be as pure as it once seemed but I can’t hate the game. I happened to reside in Baltimore for a very brief time, it is a football town and loyal. I wrote a letter to the organization encouraging them to hire me on; I could assist with coaching, conditioning, some of the mental encumbrances all that stuff. It didn’t work but what a good letter it was, a whole 2 pages nicely written to a team I would love see lose for what Siragusa did to Gannon some years back in that championship game in Oakland. I don’t forget much and my love for the game is only surpassed by my knowledge. Before, when it was cool to like players no matter the team (lol), Joe Thiesman was my favorite quarterback, I hated the niners and the cowboys, defense blitzed every down and anyone on the field could be hit the game seemed so easy. Now-a-days it’s all about down and distance, which is still good just a bit harder to grasp for the casual fan, in fact to support the last statement I know more than many who like to play madden but won’t watch football on TV. I can say I am selective but I will blame the networks for limiting access, blackouts are unconstitutional. I am one of those guys that could play before I understood the game, by the time my brain caught up I was well out of high school but very coachable, I have been around a couple good ones and that is important especially through development age. Watching youngsters coached by jerk offs is disturbing especially on TV, it should not be encouraged and a lot of parents should be ashamed. It’s all hypocrisy – social issues like poor education values, kids willing to use steroids, unaware parents of kids using steroids. It is not ok saying “I didn’t know” anymore. In the good ole days it was “ok” to see a pro athlete that could not read but not today, all it means today is someone didn’t care. I care, I won’t let my son play tackle football until high school not because of the concussion risk but because there are a lot of kids out there that just don’t get it, parents think there kiddies look cute running around clueless really aint cute, coaches yelling, fighting, it is all unnecessary. There are plenty of sports kids should play but football is for big boys, always will be, it is a nasty game, gotta love it. In keeping up with the times I am a casual ESPN follower but it used to be much more, it used to be much better. Everything changes and included in change is marketability, everyone wants there hand in the pot and sports is the ticket. It is great to be able to catch game highlights and the ticker is cool when it is relevant but if it is not sports let another entity cover it. The legless jerk, yea the murderer is not sports, golf, bowling, spelling bees. What the fuck, of course it’s my opinion but I am smart, smart enough to know another sports news network could swoop right in and do it right. That is what I am, full of ideas and willing to share. I am a madden junkie in fact I am the madden king (selfappointed) you might know me, even the madden challenge was garbage, watching a bunch of amateurs slumber party state to state was worth watching 1 time, they were all thumbs (lol) on a 2nd rate platform, backstabbing each other, amounted to a soap opera for gamers. I’m a gamer, in fact I consider on-line play the virtual extreme, eliminating hackers/cheaters and design imperfections will surely result in a new age of technology and I hope I’m around to see it. With that said the real game is football, NFL. Keep it domestic and get some referees that are accountable, salaried and committed. The league has used this cop-out for years; it is a full time job for a few months a year. In any sport the object of the game is to score the most points, period! I love to debate the whole defense wins championships bullshit, it is not true and is merely an attempt to balance the game. The job of defense is to stop the offense, period! Stopping a good offense is very hard to do, of course penalties and mental errors play a big part in bad offensive production but these factors affect defenses too. Football is situational, 3rd and 15 is a situation that favors defense unless of course the offense has prepared itself properly, turnovers play a part, drops as well but keep in mind on a level playing field offense always has the upper hand, period! I love football because I understand it, I would like to lead a team to the superbowl (not virtual), strategy and scheme is my niche but some of it is simple. The goal is to win, every player must commit to winning, offense and defense committed to producing good results. The human element overcome by the desire to trust one another and limiting mistakes. The game has evolved, which has made me a game day fan and I am ok with that, I have been to 1 NFL draft and 1 pro game, I want to be in more games and have the skills to manage a team to championships. It is more than ego and determination; I am what is missing from the greatest game on earth. Without selling myself short I am willing to start at the bottom and earning the respect of my peers and fans. For the record, it was a fumble.